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Local SEO

It used to be that having a website was all you needed for an Internet presence.  For better or worse, this is no longer the case for many industries. AccuNet will implement digital marketing (also called Local SEO) for your company or be your guide to assist as you DIY.  AccuNet will:

  • Evaluate services to use
  • Claim or set up accounts
  • Delete duplicate accounts
  • Define strategy per service
  • Populate organization information into service
  • Adjust properties’ designs to match new website branding
  • Create content
  • Create a posting schedule specific to events and other items of importance
  • Monitor your public feedback
  • Publish positive reviews on website

Most clients utilize the 80/20 rule and set up only the most important services.  Depending on what is already set up, AccuNet’s time tends to range between 4-6 hours.

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